Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to the Sterling Republican Town Committee Blog

The 2010 election is getting closer every day, and there are a number of interesting races shaping up on the local and state-wide front.

Sterling resident Jim Gettens has announced his intention to run against long-time Democratic Rep. Harold Naughton, whose district includes Precinct 2 in Sterling as well as the town of Clinton and parts of Boylston and Northboro. If ever a change were needed, this is it. Rep. Naughton has consistently misled voters on key issues, can't be trusted, and does not fight for the types of things that really matter to the district. We look forward to supporting Jim in his run, and will be providing updates and suggestions for ways to help.

State-wide, it looks like a Republican primary is a strong possibility.

2010 could be a great year for the Republican Party. The one-party Democratic rulers of the state have alienated almost everyone, and the desire for change is in the air.

This blog will keep people informed about local issues and how people can get involved to help restore fiscal responsibility in Massachusetts.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Welcome to the brand-new website of the Sterling RTC! Check back here regularly for updates on local elections and events as well as profiles on politicos and public figures.